Sandra Lowe is a photographer from Vancouver who has recently moved to LA. The sun and diverse culture in the big city are her most current inspiration. There is something to be captured with every turn, from the streets of Hollywood Blvd to the salmon pink skies of the desert.

With a passion for travel, fashion and culture Sandra works predominantly with film and natural light. She brings mood and emotion to her images in both colour and black and white.

With an artistic background, she has worked in various creative fields over the years from fashion, interior design to branding choosing the camera as her most current medium.

“I love how it allows me to capture what others might not see. To create a mood with angles or light. The authenticity of film has a sense of nostalgia. It challenges me and takes me away. I hope others feel this when they look at my work as well.”
— Sandra 


Instagram: @sandraloweart

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