Duende Curation is the creative culmination of interior designers and lifelong best friends, Rachel Harrison and Jennifer Scott. After nearly a decade of applying their eye for the beautiful to interior spaces, the duo recognized the need for a boutique-style niche platform for purchasing art. Their vision is to define a place where an entire home can be curated with meaningful art of mixed mediums, created by a variety of artists, while establishing a cohesive relationship between the pieces.

"We have collaborated with a small group of inspiring artists, both fine artists and photographers, to present a select set of limited edition prints all offered within a universal pricing platform. Our gathering of artists and chosen works are featured for a term of six months, after which time a new season of art and artists is showcased; by rotating our offerings after each term, we are able to continuously bring fresh content and talent to our community. We mingle impactful art with the public, allowing the everyday collector to build their gallery based on a connection with each piece." - Rachel & Jenn