Duende Curation is a full service Art Curation Studio. We offer an online art platform to connect select works from a curated gathering of artists with the public, and provide a discerning eye to a broad spectrum of Curation services. Our brand vision is to create a space where choosing art is about the “duende” - the mysterious power of art to deeply move a person; it is about making the luxury of art approachable for everyday spaces. Duende Curation offers a highly curated, elevated selection of Limited Edition Prints for retail & boutique projects, as well as Open Edition Prints for large scale commercial & hospitality projects. 


Choosing art is a personal journey of exploration and we want to bring the luxury of buying exclusive artwork to an accessible level for our clients.



"Working within the realms of interior design & decor for many years, we fundamentally understand the impact art has on establishing the feel of any space. Duende, at it’s core, represents the beautiful relationship between our passion for art and our expertise in curating collections; together we have created a discerning gallery of pieces that truly speak to us that have been carefully selected to work together as a cohesive grouping. 

We know that, while art is an exciting part of decor, it can also be daunting for many people… we want to take the pressure off when it comes to the art selection process. Our belief is that choosing artwork is about finding pieces that spark a feeling and really create a connection to someone and a space; with our entire gallery designed to work symbiotically together, our clients can focus on the pieces they love with the assurance that any grouping of art they purchase from Duende has been professionally curated to intermingle with one another."

- Rachel & Jenn
A creative soul through and through, Rachel has spent the last decade exploring and embracing her visionary skillsets, following both her impassioned eye & keen intuition to build her own Interior Design Firm,  Roomcraft Design + Renovation. Rachel's designs have garnered her an excellent reputation amongst the design community, as well as with her clientele base; a detail-focused mind and holistic approach to design has allowed her to expand into residential, commercial and design + build aspects of the industry. Featured in numerous North American print & digital design publications, Rachel now shifts her artistic focus to include fine art - with a lifelong passion for mixed mediums, she has introduced her first collection of original works, as well as an inquisitive abstract set of Limited Edition Prints with Duende.

"I style the world to tell a story. I offer Interiors & Lifestyle Design with a focus on creating spaces and moments that are reflective of individuality, personality and lasting impression."

Jennifer is a Vancouver-based designer and influencer known for creating spaces and moments that are reflective of individuality, personality and lasting impression. The signature style within her design firm, A Good Chick To Know, is eclectic, approachable and ultimately chic. 

A public figure for all things style, Jennifer is a recurring style expert for a variety of media destinations. With her infectious personality and down-to-earth approach to design, she can be found offering her perspective on beautiful living with numerous television outlets, including regular appearances on  CTV Morning Live, as well as respected design columns with print publications like The Westender. 

With a keen sense of aligning brands with her audience, Jennifer is regularly requested for brand collaborations within the social influencing realm. With clients such as The Real Canadian Superstore, Best Buy, Links of London and Nespresso, she is able to bring her approach to a well-designed lifestyle to a wide reach of viewers.
Jennifer also is a sought-after guest speaker for live events: she has regularly taken the main stage for the Vancouver Home + Design Show, the Home + Garden Show in Vancouver, Edmonton and Calgary, as well as hosted live fashion events for clients like Cadillac Fairview malls.
Jennifer's interior design projects have gained local, national and international media attention, with many of her designs featured in National and International publications such as House & Home Magazine, Design Bureau, Gray Magazine, Western Living Condos, Framework Magazine, Home Makeover Magazine as well as The Province and The Vancouver Sun.